Samaritans Consultations and Professional Development Services

In addition to our community-based and grant-funded education and training initiatives, Samaritans is often called upon to consult on projects, protocols and initiatives that require a level of knowledge and professional experience that only an organization that operates a 24-hour crisis hotline that has responded to over 1,000,000 calls and trained over 35,000 health providers is capable of providing.

Samaritans Consultations and Professional Development Services utilize professional staff with years of program and project experience in corporate communications, customer service, diversity training, crisis intervention and suicide prevention for non-profits, government agencies and Fortune 500 corporations.

Samaritans is able to offer services that include but are not limited to:

Needs Analyses/Site Evaluations—examining an organization’s level of effectiveness in responding to clients/customers, health issues, emergency preparedness, etc., to improve overall operations is often a priority.

Staff Behavioral/Skills Development—addressing the challenges, obstacles and, even, self-defeating behaviors that staff may practice that reduce or undermine organization effectiveness or quality improvement.

Corporate and Crisis Communications—motivating an experienced (and, often, resistant) staff to modify their approach to communicating with clients, customers or each other is often a significant goal of managers and program directors but one they have great difficulty implementing without outside assistance.

Policy, Procedure and Protocol Design—developing and implementing policies, procedures and protocols to create consistent practice and service delivery is a priority of many organizations, especially when it comes to client/customer relations, intakes, assessments and emergency responses.

Crisis Response/Suicide Prevention Training—utilizing an approach that has proved successful in improving the awareness, communications skills and efficacy of thousands of health professionals providing support to at-risk populations has proved beneficial to those who manage customer and client services.

To learn how Samaritans Consultations and Professional Development Services can benefit your business or organization, contact: The Samaritans of New York Education Department, (212) 673-3661,

To learn more about the Samaritans Promoting Corporate Wellness Program, click here.

Examples of Samaritans customized consultation, education, training, technical support services have been utilized by non-profit organizations, government agencies and corporations have included:

NYPD Early Intervention and Psychological Services

Training for NYPD Helpline, Nursing, Early Intervention, Psychological Services, Alcohol Counseling and Human Services Units; focus on making frontline police response staff more comfortable and confident when responding to other officers and staff who are in distress, in crisis, suicidal or involved in violent and/or self-destructive behavior.

NYC Department of Education’s Office of School and Youth Development

Suicide Prevention and Crisis Communications Training for Youth Substance Abuse Prevention Intervention Specialists (SAPIS) and Guidance Counselors focus on how to address and communicate effectively with students, parents and other caregivers about issues tied to mental health and behavioral health problems, crises in the home, conducting suicide risk assessments; etc.

AirCraft Casualty Emotional Support Services (ACCESS)

“Grief Mentor” Program Development and Training; focus on the research, design and development of policies and procedures to be utilized by the frontline response staff of this national volunteer organization that provides those who have lost loved ones in air disasters with support from individuals who have experienced similar losses.

STOMP OUT Bullying Chatline

Training and Program Development for Love Our Children, USA, a national nonprofit organization fighting violence and neglect against children, especially bullying, cyber bullying and Internet safety; focus on the launch of their new Internet “chat” line that responds to youth who have been victims of bullying.

Queens Child Guidance Center

Crisis Response and Suicide Prevention Training for Social Work and Case Manager Staff; focus on active listening and crisis communications techniques, recognizing the warning signs, risk and protective factors tied to depression and suicide, assessing and determining suicide risk, developing advance problem-solving techniques for challenging scenarios.