Some people who are interested in supporting Samaritans either work with or have a direct contact at a business or corporation that would consider Samaritans an ideal candidate for its corporate-giving or social responsibility program (with our focus on public health, mental health, volunteerism, social service and education) or would see the benefits of underwriting or sponsoring an education program, community event or professional development conference.

For businesses that believe in supporting social causes that affect large segments of our community and would like their efforts to be seen and acknowledged by the public, Samaritans provides great visibility.

And, in terms of value and return on investment, since Samaritans volunteers donate close to $1 million in free labor annually, every $1 that is donated is turned into $4.

Samaritans hotline and volunteer recruitment advertisements, brochures and public service announcements (PSA’s) reach hundreds of thousands of people annually though broadcast, radio, print and Internet media. Our program materials as well as those distributed and accessed through our websites, conferences and advocacy work reach tens of thousands of frontline educators, health providers, government agency directors, political decision-makers, students, parents and teachers every year.

And we train hundreds of public and mental health providers annually through our conference and education programs. Samaritans frequently distributes its printed materials at health fairs, major conferences, government and public hearings, city, state and national meetings, and throughout the entire NYC school system.

To learn more about how your company can make a financial contribution to support Samaritans work, please contact our Development Office at (212) 673-3661 or email

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