Everybody needs a helping hand at some point in their lives, but finding that help can be difficult.

Responding to the needs of parents, teachers, social workers, caregivers and other health providers as well as those living or working with at-risk individuals (including youth, the elderly, veterans, transgender, those who are mentally ill, victims of violence, bullying, etc.), Samaritans has updated its NYC Guide to Suicide Prevention, Services & Resources.

The revised guide now has listings for text services, chat rooms, webinars and mobile applications that provide information and support that is easily accessible and meets a wider range of needs.

It also has an updated resource section that contains expanded information about training and educational materials, putting all the resources, guidelines and access to information you could possibly need in helping someone or establishing or enhancing prevention planning at your fingertips.

All of the resources and community referrals have active links and phone numbers that have been checked for accuracy.

Use the guide when responding to someone in distress, when developing educational programs or doing prevention planning for your school, community group or agency.

And please share the link and information with anyone you think it will benefit.

To download the guide for free, click here.

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