The hands-on, real world experience of the hotline is well suited for those planning to enroll in social work, applied psychology, mental health and other social science courses as well as programs offering internship, independent study and field work experiences. 

Those interested in utilizing their Samaritans experience toward this end must enter a volunteer training class in the semester PRIOR to the course which they anticipate applying their hotline experience.  

Requirements vary by course, program and institution and it is the responsibility of each volunteer to determine how their Samaritans experience will fit in the context of their individual circumstance. 

Please note:

-Supervision of accrued hours are for the purpose of satisfying individual courses and shorter-term experiences. Samaritans does not provide clinical supervision for practitioner licensing. 

-ALL volunteers must meet Samaritans minimum service commitment. Eligibility for this program is contingent upon maintaining good standing with the organization.

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