resource-guideSamaritans “NYC Guide to Suicide Prevention, Services and Resources” is a comprehensive guide on responding to and providing care and support to individuals who are depressed, in distress and/or feeling suicidal.

The Resource Guide puts key information and research on responding to a person in distress, assessment tools, safety and postvention planning, links to community resources, free trainings, depression screening, suicide support groups, and many other resources at your finger tips.

With funding from the New York State Office of Mental Health, the Samaritans of New York created the Resource Guide to assist caregivers and service providers in understanding the keys to effective suicide prevention and planning, identifying and responding to those at-risk for suicide, including survivors of suicide loss, and where to find support programs, services, information on research, screening tools, free training, technical support, etc.

It can be used by everyone who provides care, support or treatment to those in distress, including family members and friends, social workers, psychologists, case managers, guidance counselors and others working in community, academic, recreational or clinical settings. It can also be used by those experiencing depression or suicidal feelings themselves.

The Resource Guide contains current statistics and trends; warning signs, risk and protective factors; suicide assessment and risk determination tools; a postvention primer; lists of free support groups for survivors of suicide loss, suicide prevention training programs and local subject matter experts; 40 references to clinical research and studies; over 60 pre-screened NYC-based programs and services—all with detailed descriptions, contact information, links to websites and other sources.

Within its pages you will also find information such as:

  • depression screening tools like the Columbia-Suicide Severity Rating Scale and PHQ-9
  • do’s and don’ts responses to suicide from the National Association of School Psychologists
  • how to access free suicide prevention trainings like SafeTalk: Suicide Alertness for Everyone
  • support programs for individuals with a mental illness and their families
  • support programs for individuals who have lost a loved one to suicide
  • how to use Samaritans completely confidential 24-hour Suicide Prevention Hotline
  • information, programs and resources for almost every population and problem imaginable

To download the free NYC Guide to Suicide Prevention, Services and Resources, click here.