The new Mental Health Wellness Line provides a unique way for people to get the support they need during the pandemic. For those in distress and those who care for them, a call to (212) 673-3661 allows individuals who are having trouble coping to schedule their own personal support call in advance.

“The wellness line is unique among crisis services,” says Alan Ross, Samaritans Executive Director, “providing something people can plan and incorporate into their ongoing mental health maintenance,” a way to stay grounded as you ride the emotional rollercoaster of COVID-19.” 

The service is especially intended for those on the front lines of the pandemic who are taking care of and treating people who are ill, but aren’t getting the support they need and so richly deserve– the parents, doctors, nurses and other medical personnel, health providers, first responders, etc. 

“WHILE YOU’RE HELPING OTHERS, YOU DESERVE SOME SUPPORT, TOO!” says one of the fliers promoting the support line. 

How it works:  To receive a free Mental Health Wellness Support call, all the person has to do is dial the request line at (212) 673-3661 and leave a message with their name and phone number and a period of time that they can be reached. They will receive a call from a member of Samaritans staff who is trained in active listening and crisis response.