Helping Hands for the Holidays!

While a lot of people are out partying, visiting family and friends and getting into the holiday spirit, we all know people who find the holidays quite depressing.

With 1-in-5 New Yorkers experiencing a psychological disorder each year and suicide at an all-time high (touching people from every walk of life), being able to recognize when someone we know is depressed and how to respond to them can make all the difference

Anyone can learn the keys to helping our own friends and family as well as others.

In fact, it is the basis of the training that hundreds of “lay” volunteers on Samaritans 24-Hour Suicide Hotline have gone through to provide this lifesaving service.

  • Knowing how to approach someone in distress
  • Learning what to say and what not to say
  • Understanding how to access available resources to help prevent a bad situation from getting worse

Help those you love and care for. And consider volunteering on Samaritans Suicide Hotline or other community service to help New Yorkers in need during their difficult times.Volunteer-Button-1024x403

What to say when you don’t know what to say…

Listen to Samaritans podcast on crisis communication for a crash course in responding to someone in distress.