During this period of change and uncertainty for many people, we are reminded of the many ways we can make a difference in other people’s lives.

Recognizing the challenges and difficulties our friends, family or colleagues may be experiencing, expressing our interest and showing our concern, spending time with those who are in distress or struggling to cope with whatever problems they are facing—it takes so little to let someone know that we care and that they are not alone.

At Samaritans we learn this every day. Listening to people who are depressed on our hotline. Providing a connection to those who feel isolated through our survivor support groups. Offering resources and guidance to those trying to help someone else.

Be part of New York City’s “caring community,” the lay and professional caregivers and service providers who make it their responsibility to help their fellow man and woman.

Suicide doesn’t have to happen! You can help!

To learn how to help someone in crisis, go to: https://samaritansnyc.org/responding-to-someone/

Alan Ross
The Samaritans