Everybody is facing challenges these days, personally and professionally.  With the pandemic bringing most fundraising activities to a halt, Samaritans got creative and is hosting our first-ever Samari-thon, a design-your-own fundraiser with a life-affirming focus that will allow those devoted to preventing suicide to help fund our 24-hour hotline, public education and suicide survivor programs.

The Samari-thon is based on one of our fundamental beliefs: When you help others, you help yourself!  So pick something that is fun and life-affirming that benefits your health and wellbeing. Set a goal, and ask your family, friends and colleagues to support you.

Some people are going to run their own marathon or do a 5K; others are setting daily exercise goals, practicing a healthier diet, learning a new language or a new skill.

Challenge yourself to do something that you know will be good for your own physical and mental health and, in doing so, get your personal network of family and friends involved.

We have tons of ideas to get you started. And everyone’s contribution is tax-deductible.

To learn more about taking part in the Samari-thon, click here.