Using Samaritans Confidential 24-Hour Suicide Prevention Hotline As A Referral

Samaritans free 24-Hour Suicide Prevention Hotline provides immediately accessible and ongoing emotional support to those who are overwhelmed, depressed, in crisis and suicidal. The service is completely confidential and is offered by caring Samaritans volunteers who are professionally trained in crisis communication, identifying warning signs and risk factors and suicide assessments.

Every caller to the 24-hour hotline is taken through Samaritans rapport-building, crisis response communications model and suicide risk assessment, no matter how they identify themselves or their stated reason for calling. When someone calls the Samaritans hotline, we will ask how they are feeling, what is going on for them now and if they are suicidal.

The hotline’s anonymity and confidentiality make it a safe point of entry for those people in distress who have not utilized support services in the past or have fears about providing their personal information; in this way, many people who utilize our hotline service consider it a less-threatening form of care and support than those offered by government or “official” agencies.

Health providers, therapists, social workers, counselors, medical professionals, clergy and other caregivers often use Samaritans hotline as a referral when they are seeking a service that provides support between counseling sessions, a transition from one form of care or treatment to another as well as a service that can provide ongoing “emotional maintenance” at the time of a person’s crisis and through the hours, days, weeks and months of their distress, trauma and recovery.

To learn more about using Samaritans confidential 24-hour Suicide Prevention Hotline as a referral to help the individuals you and/or your staff serve, click here for a free flier which you can post and share with your colleagues or agency staff.

Samaritans Completely Confidential Hotline
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