2″ Heart-Shaped Magnets
Message: “A Safe Place to Turn If You’re Feeling Down Talk to someone who cares. Call Samaritans confidential 24-hour crisis hotline.” (212) 673-3000


HLcardHotline Cards
Business card size, message: “Confidential emotional support for those who feel depressed, in crisis or suicidal” (212) 673-3000


SPcardSuicide Survivor Support Group Cards [currently out of stock]
Business card size, message: “Support groups and resources when no one else seems to understand” with program contact information; backside includes Samaritans 24-hour hotline number (“24-hour emotional support when you need someone to talk to, if you are feeling depressed or suicidal”)

An overview of Samaritans suicide prevention hotline, public education and awareness programs and services, warning signs, guidelines to helping, etc.


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