Samaritans Programs and Services

The Samaritans of New York operates the only community-based organization in the NYC-Metropolitan area devoted solely to suicide prevention and responding to people who are depressed, distressed and in crisis.

Established in 1983, the non-religious Samaritans is part of the world’s oldest and largest suicide prevention network (with over 400 centers in 42 countries—from Argentina, Bosnia, France and Great Britain to Hong Kong, India, Trinidad and Zimbabwe) and has been the major provider of suicide prevention, education and awareness services in New York City and environs for over 25 years.

24-hour Confidential Suicide Prevention Hotline

A completely confidential crisis response service that provides immediately accessible emotional support from a caring and professionally trained hotline volunteer 24 hours a day to individuals who are in distress, depressed, in crisis and/or suicidal.

To learn more about our 24-hour emotional support hotline, click here.

Suicide Survivor Support Program

A series of support groups for those who have lost a love one to suicide that provides a safe and supportive environment to help them cope with their loss in the company of others who have had the same experience.

For more information on our Safe Place Program, click here.

Suicide Prevention Education Program

A broad spectrum of educational programs—including seminars, professional development workshops and training conferences—that address a comprehensive list of topics including understanding suicide, the keys to effective prevention, crisis communications, identification and assessment, and site readiness.

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Training Conferences and Workshops

Samaritans suicide prevention training conferences and professional development workshops are highly respected in both the “lay” and professional public health communities with our focus on topics ranging from improving caregiver communications and facing the challenges of responding to high-risk individuals to effective suicide assessments and prevention and safety planning.

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Consultations and Technical Support

A service that develops specially customized crisis response, corporate communications, active listening, assessment and intake, volunteer management and other training programs and projects based on our over 25 years of experience working with non-profits, government agencies and Fortune 500 corporations.

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Community Awareness and Advocacy Program

A program designed to target and deliver suicide awareness and prevention information, education and services to those populations, communities and organizations that are in need of such services but due to limits tied to access, economics or availability have not received them.

For more information on our programs that advance suicide prevention in the community, click here.

Public Policy

A key component of Samaritans mission is to advance and promote suicide prevention awareness, education, programs and initiatives which is accomplished through our role consulting and contributing in the development of public policy on a national, statewide and local level.

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Promoting Corporate Wellness

A project that helps improve NYC businesses’ ability to respond to staff, management and customers who are in distress and potentially suicidal by providing the business with education and technical support services tailored to its specific needs.

For information on our Promoting Corporate Wellness Program, click here.