Building on the ongoing relationship between Samaritans and NYC’s School of Visual Arts (SVA), this year’s Student Health and Counseling Services’ 2018 HOPE Art Competition provided young artists with a platform to demonstrate their creativity while helping to fight stigma and promote public health.

With the goal of producing an effective Public Service Advertisement to be used on social networking platforms,”the artists involved, in their own unique way, communicate the important message to the student body of reaching out in times of distress,” said Matt Lee, SVA’s Coordinator of Student Health and Counseling Services.

Judges of the final submission included Samaritans staff as well as board member, Rachel Dress, a social worker and former counselor at SVA.  The winners were: 1st Place, Eli Stavridis; 2nd Place, Eunice Lim; 3rd Place, Yuxin Guo. (click below to see their entries)

SVA Contest Winners (click here)

“I’m grateful for the ongoing partnership that SVA has with Samaritans. The three HOPE events that we’ve collaborated on have allowed our students to become more familiar with the work of Samaritans as well as use their creativity and skills to create works that promote the message and work of Samaritans,” said Christine Gilchrist, Associate Director of Student Health and Counseling Services who was a driving force behind this project.