September is Suicide Prevention Month in NYC, which includes International Suicide Prevention Day, celebrated all over the world, on September 10–designed to bring more attention to a  public health problem that causes more deaths annually than auto accidents.

In fact, more Americans die from suicide than homicide and AIDS combined, it is the 2nd leading cause of death of our youth and yet the majority of people who experience psychological disorders do not receive help!

Therefore, learning to overcome our fears about suicide (the cause of stigma), how to recognize the warning signs and help someone in distress, and how to improve the quality of care and support in our homes and communities is the focus of Suicide Prevention Month.

Here are three ways you can get involved in Suicide Prevention Month

Learn the Signs
Learn how the of self-destructive and suicidal behavior, the keys to overcoming stigma and how to respond to a friend, family member or client who needs help. Check out Samaritans 2016 NYC Guide to Suicide Prevention, Services and Resources

Get Involved 
Join other NYC-Metro community members at Samaritans 4th Annual “Be A Friend” Walkathon, Sept. 25 and support the work of our suicide prevention center and the volunteers who provide care to those in need 24/7. For more information click,  2016 Walkathon Participation Instructions

Take Action
Spread the word that you should always take talk about suicide seriously.  Share information and resources.  Seek out those you know who are depressed, overwhelmed and in crisis.  Volunteer for community groups that help people in distress, like Samaritans hotline.  Click for more information on becoming a hotline volunteer