Trying to help someone, when you don’t know what to say is something that can make every caregiver, health provider, friend, family member and colleague feel helpless and overwhelmed.

You want to help, but what do you say to someone when there doesn’t seem to be any answer or you are not even sure of the question.  Especially when you’re afraid you might say the wrong thing!

For 70 years the volunteers who staff Samaritans suicide hotlines around the world have learned what to say when you don’t know what to say when responding to millions of people who were depressed, in distress and suicidal.

This program, for lay and professional caregivers and health providers, shares what we have learned over the years turning what appears to be an insurmountable obstacle into an opportunity to gain trust, establish rapport and explore a path to healing.

This program will be presented by Samaritans Executive Director, Alan Ross. Mr. Ross has been providing crisis communications and suicide prevention professional development training to parents, teachers, guidance counselors, social workers, first responders that work on the front lines with high risk individuals for over 30 years.

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